Nothing Teaches Resiliency like Repetition

When something does not work out the first time, chances are there is a better chance it will the second time around. Okay, maybe not always, but repetition and practice tend to have that effect. The more you do a certain thing the better you will be at it. I guess that means that I should be pretty good at organizing excel sheets by now.

Though my excel skills surely still can be honed (I’m certainly no good at writing equations in it), I have been spending a good amount of time pushing my way through and making sense of excel documents that past interns similar to myself created. These documents document, for lack of a better word, work orders that have either been filed with physical plant or, for some reason or another, are sitting in sad state of un-filed limbo. It’s going to be my job over this next bit of time to do my best to figure out why some work orders have been completed and some have not.

A brief look into the document.

A brief look into the document.

To make matters more interesting, there is  a whole set of orders that were approved by physical plant and have still not been completed. Reasons behind this particular category range from “not in budget” to “should be RLH’s decision.” My question is why is there room for one work order in the budget but not the other? Also, wouldn’t there have been a new budget drawn up since this list of work orders was drafted? Is there still no room?

Examples of reasons behind uncompleted work orders.

Examples of reasons behind uncompleted work orders.

When I met with Elio he pointed at a large stack of papers on a table in his office and told me they were all work orders. Most of them were for projects in Carlson Hall, and even more of them were for things like installing motion sensors to connect with the light fixtures. He said he wasn’t sure he thought it was worth it to send a big team in there and spend money on putting sensors in to control relatively low-watt light bulbs. But there should be a new budget for this year, right? Might that mean it’s time to look at these works orders a second time?

After I sat down for the first time and arranged the document in the way I thought I wanted to I started to have doubts. Maybe I missed some work orders? What if I put some in the wrong category and a work order that has been completed is now marked as incomplete? So, I rolled back my sleeves, pulled the brim of my hat real low, and dug in behind home plate. Not really. That might make sense if I was playing for the Worcester Bravehearts this summer, but really does not relate in here. So, what I really did, was roll back my sleeves and do the whole thing over again.

Repetition resulting from trial and error seems to be the way to go. That’s always the way I feel I have learned best, and this summer has been no exception. Though I wrote about this already, I have had a harder time scheduling meetings with people than I had anticipated I would. Just this last week I was supposed to meet with someone. Too bad I was the only one who showed up. But hey, nothing I can do but pull the brim of my hat so that it rests just above my eyes and stare in at my catcher and wait for the sign. Just kidding. What an odd metaphor that would have been… Seems a lot easier to pick up the phone again and call or send another email requesting a meeting. I think I’ll go ahead and go with one of those options.

Bad baseball metaphors aside, I would definitely recommend checking out a Bravehearts game this summer. Few things are better than going to a game over the summer and wondering how much energy it takes to power the lights and the rest of the stadium. Ho hum.

Home of the Bravehearts.

Home of the Bravehearts.


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