Green Apples are for Grants, Not Snacking and Don’t Go to the 7th Floor of the Geography Building

Welp. I guess it has been a little bit since my last blog post. But, with summer winding down and classes starting soon my mind has been a bit scattered. Though I tend to stick to my guns and just write about my internship up in here, I took a trip to New York last weekend for my cousin’s wedding. A grand time was had by all. Since I’ve been back in Worcester my mind has been focused on Clark and this project, though. Earlier this week I received an email from Jenny with a link to a grant being given out by USGBC. This grant is designed specifically for “projects that will result in greater energy awareness and reduction in their school.” They are giving out six grants, each totaling $400. I wrote my grant proposal for the ‘Energy Saver’ checklist I have been working on. In writing the grant I think we finally found a name for the calendar, hence the ‘Energy Saver’ bit. Makes sense.

I have still yet to receive an email from Alpha Graphics with a quote for what I will need to have printed. I’ve also been hashing out new ideas in regard to the format of the calendars once they are printed. Now the plan is something in the lines of this: twelve sheets of cardstock held together by that tacky-glue stuff that has been known to frequent the tops of pads of paper and the likes. Doing it that way would sure be cheaper than actually binding each calendar. It would even be cheaper than doing a saddle stich across the top. Things still need to get hammered out, and I really need to get a quote back from Alpha Graphics. It’s been a good while since I sent my document to them. I have started to wonder if they would be treating this (my project) with more sincerity if I was not a student. Faculty members seem to waltz in and out of their basement office to pick things up whenever I’m down there. Does it really take three weeks just to get a quote?

In other news it finally happened. I set off an alarm while doing a building audit. I was finishing up an audit in Atwood and realized that I had neglected the tower in the Geography building that houses, among other things, GIS labs and Gender Studies. As soon as I put my key into a room labeled “Clark Phone Room,” or something along those lines, an alarm went off. I stood there for a bit, shut the door, and, to be honest, booked it down seven flights of stairs. I stood outside the building assuming University Police would show up to check it out, but I didn’t see anybody coming in the time I spent out there. So, I went home and enjoyed a nice glass of orange juice courtesy of Tropicana. While doing so I realized that I probably should go over to UP and explain to them what happened. When I got over there and explained what happened the guy there responded with “were you told to come here?” I guess they were looking into the alarm going off… “No,” I said. All in all they were really nice about it and even asked me if I wanted to go back up there and finish things off. I decided that that was a good enough way to cap off my day and decided not to go back to the tip top of the Geography Building.

I also got an email back from President Angel saying that he would think about my proposal of his hosting a luncheon to reward faculty and staff for completing my ‘Energy Saver’ Checklist. Haven’t heard anything more than that, but hey, it’s a start.

So, to cap this week off: I applied for my first grant, set off an alarm that went straight to UP, and continue to contact our President. Wish me luck.


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