Good News from the United States Green Building Council

It happened! I got an email back from Steve Muzzy yesterday. Steve had some good news for me in addition to having a killer name. About a week or so ago I sat down and wrote out a grant application for a Green Apple Day of Service grant through The United States Green Building Council (USGBC), National Grid, and NSTAR. The requirements for the grant were pretty straight forward: supply them with a project that would likely “result in greater energy awareness or energy reduction.” The hope is that my Energy Saver Checklist will do both of those things. So now I know I have some money to spend on these calendars, which is pretty important. It’s also cool to know that other people out there like my idea and work I’ve done. Validation and that whole thing isn’t terrible, you know? The only thing left to do is formally register my project on their website so they know where to send the check to. After that Clark will be one of three schools in Massachusetts to receive money from this grant.

This project has come a long way since the beginning of June, and it’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot about energy consumption and saving. I’ve learned how to network with a wide rangeĀ of people and how to communicate effectively. I learned all about and met the people who work behind the scenes to make Clark run as seamlessly as it does. Now that classes have started I can already tell that the work I did this summer will come in handy (I’m enrolled in some really interesting geography courses in case you were curious). All in all it was a learning filled summer. But the work is not done yet.

Next to do is keep working on the calendar itself and hammer out a final draft. That means playing around with formatting some more and tweaking the checklists and brief statements that will accompany each month. I also have to finalize things with the President’s office and see if they’ll get down and provide some incentive for people to use the checklist. I’m hoping that name dropping a grant I just won from the USGBC might aid in that process a little, but that’s to be determined. It’s also about time to start thinking and plan out how I will roll out and promote my calendar. I think I’ll hire a mariachi band to help out. Either that or a whole slew of accordion players. I haven’t decided yet. I’m envisioning a huge banquet hall right on a beachfront with a seven course meal for those who come. I’ll see if Clark’s Student Council will throw me some more money for that.

While there’s no denying that that would be intimidating and maybe fun, I’ll probably stick to email, social media, and to some kind of in person deal to advertise the Energy Saver Calendar. I also still need to get a quote from Alpha Graphics… I know I complained in my last blog post about this and I still have reason to now due to the fact that I have yet to get one back. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making trips down to their offices in the UC at this point. I’m more or less a regular down there now.

So, that’s that. Another post on this here blog. LEEP and this project made my summer good and productive. Now it’s on to classes, The Local Root, and finishing this whole project. For now, though, I think I’ll celebrate winning this Green Apple Day of Service grant by going and eating some eggs.


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