Monthly Archives: November 2014

Well, I Guess that’s it. For Now…

Well, it’s all over. For now. The calendars have been distributed throughout campus, I presented my research and resulting project, and departments on campus want more of the calendars. That might be the most rewarding piece of my calendar puzzle adventure that is now coming to a close. At the same time, however, it’s just the beginning of the Energy Saver Calendar. Now the question moves from how will they be distributed to what will happen next summer or even next fall. Long range planning is the next move if these calendars are to truly become an integrated piece of Clark life. But, before I get ahead of myself thinking about that it will be important to keep up to date with how the calendars are used now. Do people like them? What do they not like, and what can I change to make them like them. I’m now moving from the production-side of the office to the customer-service side. That said, I do not have a formal way to take stock of how the calendars are received save for the number of months that are used and subsequently returned to Sustainable Clark.

This project has come a long way since May, and would not have been possible without the help of the Clark community. From Physical Plant to Sustainable Clark and to everyone I met in between, I say thanks. It was personally rewarding to do my first grant writing, and it was even more rewarding when my writing turned into $400 to fund my project. I learned a lot about all the bits and pieces that make a university like Clark run and had the opportunity to try and tweak those pieces.

I also just emailed Atul Gawande saying thanks for the inspiration, and I’ll say it again. Thanks Atul Gawande, Jenny Isler, and Steve Muzzy.